Heart of a Warrior


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Nicodemus has trained to kill vampires since being orphaned at sixteen, and he’s very good at it. Nights spent slaying bloodsuckers, along with some comedic commentary from his enchanted lizard sidekick, Cho, make Nic very happy. He’s used to being a loner because being with him could get a woman killed, but if there are virgins to be rescued, Nic’s your man.When a group of evil vampires meet for dinner and drinks at a midnight party, virgins may be on the menu, but Fiona never expects to find herself one of the party favors. She’s never needed a man to rescue her, and she’s never been impressed by manly muscles and heroic deeds…until Nic walks in and definitely gets the job done. She’s awestruck to meet a man who can hold his own alongside her fighting skills and feisty attitude. And he’s getting under her skin, making her hot, and making her rethink her “no sex before marriage” policy. Because, yeah, Fiona is a virgin, and she’s not giving it away to just anyone.These unlikely comrades in arms might just rescue each other, if the vampires don’t kill them first.