No Good Deed

Lynn Lorenz - no good deeed

Rating: m/m

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Captain Daniel Chan has struggled with his sexual identity his entire life. Now, comfortably pegging himself as bi, he meets an openly gay man and falls hard. Now, if he wants forever with Mark Montgomery, he’s going to have to redefine himself. But sexual identify isn’t the only problem for Daniel, he’s got hookers, politics and blackmail to deal with also.  Read An Excerpt


5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs…”While Ms. Lorenz does deliver some sensual moments, she also includes suspense and action to keep the story flowing. No Good Deed is a page-turner you don’t want to miss.”

Bookwenches says… 4.25 “In her novel No Good Deed, Lynn Lorenz gives readers a story of love, intrigue, sexual indiscretion, and choices. This is a mixture of suspense and romance about a man who has struggled with his personal identity for his entire life, not just in terms of his sexual orientation, but also with his cultural background, his career, and his family.”

4 Lips from Two Lips Reviews….”Lynn Lorenz has a tale of learning to love yourself just as you are in No Good Deed.When you want a romantic mystery done MM style you want No Good Deed.”

5 Angels from Fallen Angels Reviews…Ms. Lorenz has created a compelling story filled with drama, suspense, love, and erotic scenes. Daniel is a complex character who is battling his own inner demons.