Common Powers – Edward, Unconditionally

Rating: m/m

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Edward has the power to heal with the touch of his hands. When he’s sent to Spring Lake, Texas on a mission to heal his estranged grandmother, he learns that just because you have the power doesn’t mean you have to use it. And when Edward and Winston, his English bulldog, meet Jack, the chief of police, they threaten to complicate Jack’s life more than Jack’s ready to accept.

lynn_lorenz_reviewsEbookAddict says “has to be one of the funniest, sweetest and at time saddest books I have had the pleasure of reading. I can’t decide if I am more in love with Edward and Jack or Winston the English Bulldog…”

BookWenches says “This is a love story, but it is not simply about romantic love. Equally important in this book are the love of friends and family and the love of oneself. As I read Edward, Unconditionally, I found myself laughing, wiping away the occasional tear, and hoping that this perhaps mismatched couple would find a haven with each other and the happiness that they deserve. I was utterly captivated by both the story and its characters, and I enjoyed every moment of the read.

4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs “The opening scenes between these two men starts out with a bang, literally, when Jack stops Edward from speeding down the road, and his firearm is discharged accidentally The action is fast, the emotions high, and the dialogue so funny, I had tears in my eyes…and Winston, Edwards’s bulldog buddy, is a hoot!”

5 out of 5 from Jessewave “Lynn Lorenz always writes complex and realistic protagonists and Jack and Edward are no exception…Edward Unconditionally is a wonderful story about a man’s redemption through the love of another and I recommend it as one that should not be missed.”