Best Vacation That Never Was

best_vacation_that_never_was_lynn_lorenzRating: m/m
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Troy Hastings is planning his dream vacation and it includes a once-in-a-lifetime chance at the man he’s got his sights set on, Douglas. But when his apartment building burns to the ground, all his friends leave on the cruise, and he’s left sitting along in the emergency room, it looks as if his life and any hopes of a vacation are over. Until Jason Cooper, the firefighter who saved him, shows up and invites him home.  Read An Excerptlynn_lorenz_reviews Ebookaddict2 says…”This book is an adrenaline rush from beginning to end, and Lynn takes us along for the ride.”Bookwenches says… “Ms. Lorenz hooks our affections with these two young men, Troy and Jason, and she has imbued them with personalities that are rich and colorful and downright loveable. It is light-hearted and well-written, and I found reading it to be an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.”

Rainbow Reviews says… ” I don’t normally go for bondage and domination stories, but “Best Vacation that Never Was” is much more than that. The two guys genuinely feel a great deal for one another, and they have more in common than just enjoying tying, or being tied. For lovers of romance with a kinky twist, you can’t go far wrong with this story.”

4 Angels at Fallen Angels Reviews…”Lynn Lorenz’s ability to create captivating characters and plots never ceases to amaze me. Best Vacation that Never Was has action, suspense, steamy sex, and a budding friendship awaiting your reading pleasure.”