The Avalon Patrol – the Road To Avea


This story melds majik with detectives in a fight against crime and evil. Sarah is strong and independent, Stefan is  an inspector used to working alone. When they get together to fight crime, the sparks fly. (The first in series)


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5+ Keeper from BookWenches…  “I can sum this book up in one word: amazing. From the first few pages I was addicted and drawn into Ms. Lorenz’s fantasy world. The vivid descriptions jumped from the pages as if they were alive and painted a picture of reality. I found myself so enraptured I couldn’t put the book down, not even for a bit of shut-eye.”

5 Lips from Two Lips Reviews…. Lynn Lorenz introduces us to a world of Majiks, shifters and many other paranormals…There’s a lot of world building here. I for one loved how the characters were all believable, reminding me of cowboys with wands…Although this novel is a departure from Ms. Lorenz’s norm, I urge her fans to read it.”