tnPioneersWhen Matt films a documentary of gay men living in New Orleans over the last fifty years, his first subject is none other than Sebastian LaGrange, his very own landlord. The elderly gentleman has lived through good times and bad, has seen and done it all, and Matt thinks he’s perfect for the project. Although Sebastian is initially reluctant, he comes to believe in the project, and opens up his life like never before, telling his story from the first time he kissed a boy, to the present.

What Matt uncovers is not only a history of being gay in their beloved city, but he unravels the mysterious past of one of New Orleans’ most desired gay men. Sebastian has been a friend and mentor to Matt and his partner Lane, and even in his old age, Sebastian has even more to teach them about love…

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4.75 stars – and a Readers Choice Top 10.  “Aside from Sebastian, Matt and Lane, this story has another main character, albeit a mute one, a little hidden but far from just being the backdrop. It’s the city of New Orleans, the only place on earth where Sebastian could have lived his life the way he did, and the only place where gentlemen like him could still exist in our days.” Reviews by Jesse Wave