Pinky Swear

med_PinkySwear1Lane and Matt have been best friends since they were ten years old. They’ve been through everything together—childhood adventures in their New Orleans uptown neighborhood, Lane’s stuttering, Matt’s alcoholic father, high school angst, and “coming out” in college. All through the years, they’d shared secrets and, using the powerful pinky swear, vowed to keep every one of them. But neither Lane nor Matt ever told each other his biggest secret—that they were in love with each other.

For Lane, Matt was everything he wasn’t—gorgeous, sexy and outgoing. He had a different boyfriend every week, and Lane couldn’t get a date, let alone the man of his dreams. For Matt, he could never measure up to Lane, never be good enough for the man who set his heart on fire. Neither wanted to risk the deep friendship they shared to find out if the other felt more. Yet after one night of incredible drunken passion, Lane woke up to find Matt gone and a note saying he was sorry and not much more.

Four years later and half a country separated, one fateful storm, Hurricane Katrina, brings the old friends together again. But four years is a long time, and Lane’s grown up, matured, more sure of himself than ever. When Matt rushes home from the West Coast to find the friend he loved and fled, he discovers not just the man he left behind, but a man who knows what he wants—a best friend and a lover who won’t run, who’ll stay forever.

Now, it’s up to Matt to make the pinky swear…

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4.25 stars – “Like she did in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to much greater effect, the author was able to place me right smack in the middle of the hurricane and I experienced Matt’s and Lane’s anxiety about their immediate peril and their horror that the hurricane might not end well.” Reviews by Jesse Wave

“The visual images Lynn created in my mind of Hurricane Katarina broke my heart but were a perfect point in life to bring these two men back together and for Matt to redeem himself. But trust me, Lane doesn’t make it all that easy on him.” EBook Addict Reviews

“Pinky Swear explores the powerful bonds of commitment and love, showcasing the possible result of a broken heart.  Author Lynn Lorenz guides readers through Lane and Matt’s lives from early childhood to adulthood with a fascinating glimpse at the characters and what drives them together and apart.  Sensuous and serious in turn, Pinky Swear is gripping and exciting, as well as tender and touching.  A treat to enjoy!” Joyfully Reviewed

“Ms. Lorenz’s depiction of the city of New Orleans both as she weathers a beating from Hurricane Katrina and during the aftermath is outstanding. This story brings the storm to life for the reader and makes it personal. Along with the romance, this is also a story of the resilience and the sheer tenacity of many of the city’s residents as they deal with the National Guard presence, the survivors crowded into the Superdome, the looting, and the lack of supplies during this difficult time.” Book World