My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

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Simon Tsai has been invited to his bosses fancy dress party to celebrate 5 years in business and his invitation says “Drag.” Charles has a similar invite, but his says “Stag.” When the two men bump into each other in a New Orleans French Quarter costume shop, Charles comes up with a wicked but fun plan to make it a night they both will remember. He’ll capture Simon’s body, but will he capture his heart?


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Rainbow Reviews says…5 Stars! “For anyone whose heroes have always been cowboys, this story is a must. Well done, Ms. Lorenz.”

Bookwenches says…4.5, “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys is a light-hearted story of kismet . . . with a little bit of well-directed opportunity. The story is a fun romp with plenty of sizzle. I always look forward to anything Ms. Lorenz puts out, and I am never disappointed. She has a knack for writing and entertaining.”

Jessewave says…4 Stars “If you’re in the mood for a sexy little light tale with fun role-play at the core, this might be a good choice for you.”

Ebookaddict2 says…”Cowboys and Indians, oh my—fantasy and reality play a big roll in this story as Charles works things to make his childhood fantasy come to life, even if for just a night.”

Literary Nymphs says… 5 Nympsh! “Lorenz knows how to write a well-plotted story with fascinating characters. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys is entertaining and well worth a read. Pick up a copy; you won’t be disappointed.

4 Angels from Fallen Angels Reviews….”My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys is a delight from the first page to the last. Lynn Lorenz is aware that her cross-dressing hero might put off some readers, and she handles his plight with a deft touch”.