David’s Dilemma


When David Delaney takes in his father, who has Alzheimer’s, his life is turned upside down. Travis Hart is a detective who helps David find his father when he wanders off. As their friendship grows, David’s father worsens, until the situation spirals into something David and Travis never expected.

Rating: m/m

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2010 EPIC Contest Finalist in Contemporary Erotic Romance!!

Ebookaddict2 says “Grab a box of Kleenex and turn on the air conditioner your going to need both! This is definitely an emotional tear jerker, not for the faint of heart.”

Bookwenches said “Lynn Lorenz has a talent for grabbing her readers and yanking them right into a story, and her novel David’s Dilemma is no exception to this rule. This novel combines memorable characters, a unique and emotional storyline, and just a touch of suspense into a package that will capture both your interest and your heart.”

4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs… “Ms. Lorenz did a wonderful job expressing David’s Dilemma…a dilemma thousands of people deal with every year. How to best care for a loved one who can do longer live alone, or take care of their needs safely…So, get ready with the tissues because you’re going to need them with this intriguing tear-jerker.

5 Lips and Reviewer’s Choice from Two Lips Reviews…”Lynn Lorenz brings a book to remember with David’s Dilemma. I love how Ms. Lorenz describes the disease of Alzheimer’s with class in this novel. David’s Dilemma is done with class, style, and the right touch of romance to keep you glued to the pages. Everyone should have this novel on their keeper shelf.”

4.75 Stars from Well Read (also on Jessewave)  “It’s not a light, carefree read as you would expect from a book which deals not only with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, but also some of the more difficult aspects of Travis’ job. It is, however, a moving, emotional and compelling read and I would highly recommend it.”

5 Stars from Rainbow Reviews “I’m convinced that she can write about any subject she puts her mind to, but I was concerned about how a devastating disease such as Alzheimer’s could be worked into a gay romance. I’m happy to say that I was far from disappointed. In fact, I am more in awe of her talents than I was before and heartily recommend “David’s Dilemma” for your reading enjoyment.”