Breakfast At Tiffany’s

tnBreakfastTiffanysScott is living in a homeless shelter and Tony is squatting in an abandoned house. When they meet in a dark alley during a robbery, they find they have more in common than struggling to survive. Together, they struggle to keep hope in their hearts…hope for their future and the future of their city, New Orleans.

Available from Amber Allure

Bookwenches says… 4.75 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s may be short, but it packs a powerful story of hope and love that make it a wonderful and affecting read.”

Rainbow Reviews…5 Stars! “It took me a lot longer to read this story than its comparatively short length would warrant. The truth was I kept pausing to savour it, as I didn’t want to get to the end and have to say goodbye to these two delightful, special, and precious young men. Hats off to Lynn Lorenz for creating a story that will live long in my memory. This one’s a keeper, folks.”

Ebookaddict says ….No, it isn’t a remake of the wonderful 1961 Audrey Hepburn movie, it is even better, in my opinion, a romance between fragile souls. Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, this is a beautiful romance that you won’t want to miss.

Reviews by Jessewave…5 out of 5! “If you would like to read a story that is unforgettable, one that brings a smile to your face and makes you thankful for your life, read Breakfast at Tiffany’s – you will want to cheer at the end for Scott and Tony. Highly recommended.”

Romance Studios gives it 4 Hearts “If the author set out to write a funny, romantic, highly sexed up story, then her goal was accomplished.”