A Death In Katy

a-Death-in-Katy_ByLynnLorenz_200x300On the outside, Annie Reynolds’ life looks perfect. Two kids, a husband, and a lovely house in suburban West Houston. But she’s got a horrible secret–her husband has changed into a man she doesn’t recognize. And after a year of suffering Jake’s abuse, she’s made up her mind to get her kids and herself free.

But when Jake and an unknown woman are found shot dead in a cheap motel room, Annie’s freedom isn’t what she’d planned. She’s got no money, no job, and without either she’ll lose the house. And when she becomes the prime suspect in the double murder, she stands to lose something even more precious–her children.

Detective Martin O’Connell is told to wrap it up quickly–it’s an open and shut case; the wife did it. But when he looks into Annie’s green eyes, he doesn’t see a killer. He sees only the woman he’s always longed to find. He knows she’s not guilty, but he’ll have to prove it before his interest in the suspect gets him pulled from the case…and before the real killer can make Annie the next victim.

From Etopia Press